Charteris The Hunt Vineyard Riesling 2014

2014 Charteris The Hunt Vineyard Riesling

PJ's Notes:

Rocks + Riesling = deliciousness! Once again the geology of the tiny piece of dirt has spoken with definitive resonance. Another harvest and another insight into what lies beneath the surface of the Hunt Vineyard. Vine roots tangled around boulders of Schist that are ever so slowly, molecule by molecule, turning into the soil the helps this Riesling thrive. Many have postulated on the subject of mineral character in wine and the make up of the soil it comes from with little evidence of correlation. We may never really know the truth but as each year passes I think I can see it a little more clearly. The 2014 harvest in general, especially in this vineyard, was one of moderation. A balanced crop with no pressure to pick because of the gentle ripening conditions. There was no rush of sugar accumulation or acid degradation, no leaves senescing dramatically, just a gradual increase in the intensity of flavour day by day. I moved the picking date later 3 times over the space of 2 weeks before making the final decision to pick. As a Vigneron that is luxury, having time to let the flavour unfurl, for the vine make the call rather than the season dictate when to liberate the vine of its annual load and capture the character of the season in a liquid reference. In a word…Harmony!

Tasting Notes:

100% Pure unadulterated Riesling. Lime juice and Granny Smith Apples with intensity. It’s as simple as that. There is a wall of aroma in this wine that says Riesling and Hunt Vineyard. The hint of Lavender florals and Kaffir Lime Leaf hinting at its origins with ever present slatey mineral characters adding definition and complexity, a touch Germanic maybe. The Lime and green apple carry to the palate, which is focused around but not dominated by minerally acidity. There is a silky texture to the wine from the delicate interplay of acidity and sweetness. All of which is subtext to the intensity and persistence of the limey fruit focus of the wine. Line and Length, Len Evans would be a happy man with a glass of this. Once again due to the delicate nature of this wine (and an overly experimental winemaking curiosity) I have chosen to use minimal fining and stabilisation methods.

In short, very little protein fining, which may result in a very slight haze. I can assure you that this is completely normal and overall hopefully makes for an even better wine.


5 to 10 years maybe longer but why wait.

Technical info:

  • Hand picked on 20th April at 20.6 Brix    
  • Whole Bunch pressed
  • Settled for 5 days before racking
  • Inoculated with a neutral Saccharomyces bayanus yeast strain 
  • Fermentation was stopped to leave a small amount of acid balancing residual sugar 
  • Minimal Protein stabilisation
  • The wine remained on fine yeast lees until bottling on 22nd of July 2014
  • GM110 and GM198-19 clones
  • Pre-bottling analysis - 2.80 pH, 8.10 g/L Titratible Acidity, 12.01 g/L Residual Sugar, 11.5 % Alcohol Add a little bit of body