Charteris Central Otago Pinot Noir 2018

2018 Charteris Central Otago Pinot Noir

PJ's Notes:

Well that was exciting! In 2017/2018 Central Otago and the whole of New Zealand for that matter had the hottest summer on record. If it wasn’t for the early Hunter harvest and the coolest February in Central Otago for about 10 years, I would have been right up the proverbial without a paddle. At the Central Otago Pinot Celebration in January delegates are usually headed to the nearest outdoor shop for a couple of layers of merino because of a sudden stall of summer. But January 2018 was the other way. A run on bikinis and boardshorts with delegates sitting in the edge of Lake Wakatipu with frosty glasses of Central Riesling floating nearby was the order of the day. 2018 was fast and furious. One Month earlier than usual for us meant we had to have our wits about us, and all the grapes were off and into the winery by early April. The warm early season also brought with it an abundance of fruit and I think we will look back at these wines with a fondness reminiscent of the glow that you feel at the end of a warm summer’s day.

Tasting Notes:

From whatever angle you look at this wine, it’s all about plush, ripe fruit and abundance. If you could smell and taste Dave Graney’s famous crushed Velvet Suit, this would be it. The plummy fruit aroma has the warmth of a summer afternoon and the lift of the slightest zephyr across Central Otago’s wild herbs on said afternoon. The underlay of floral bouquet adding depth and perfume. Seamless glide to the entry and silky smooth tannins melt into the gentle texture and acid profile of the palate. There’s plushness, line and volume all bundled up in that Velvet Suit. I can see Dave Graney, Tex Perkins and Tim Rogers tucking into a few bottles of this and talking about the bad old days of Rock and Roll. It will happy cruise to 5 years in the cellar but why wait. Goes with Teppanyaki, hot off the charcoal grill.

Technical info:

  • Sourced from the Hawkesbury Vineyard near Wanaka and Steve Davies’ Doctors Flat Vineyard in Bannockburn.

  • Clones – 55% 777, 25% Dijon 115, 20% UCD5 

  • 20% Whole Bunch - 100% Old French Oak

  • 300 Dozen Produced 


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