Not Your Everyday Pinot Noir!

A few years back a winemaking mate of mine, after a couple of glasses and too much talk of Hipster Wine, hypothesised that “this winemaking thing is a young person’s game!” While that comment was meant to be provocative, it got us all thinking and my summation is that while chance can sometimes throw up interesting results from happenstance, there is no real substitute for time in the saddle.

The 2015 harvest threw us a curve ball with a challenging vintage, the result being a new set of winemaking parameters and some new grape resources to work with in Central Otago. This vineyard had stood up to the weather and produced fruit of great quality. The culmination of this produced a tiny parcel of fruit that created our 2015 Charteris Tahi (meaning the one) Pinot Noir. The wine was special, not just because it was the only wine we produced in 2015, but the response we have had from everyone, including winemaking elite, was overwhelming.

When it arrive in Australia PJ took it to one of Australia’s most acclaimed Japanese restaurants, the famed Tetsuya’s (visit them on the web…). The sommelier was impressed saying, “I like this wine very much” and we agreed on an exclusive listing on their degustation Menu on the spot. So no other restaurant or fine wine store has this wine in the world, but we have saved some for you!

We only have 30 six packs left of this delicious, complex and spicy little wine and would like to offer it to you, so if you are looking for something to get the conversation going over Christmas lunch this wine is the prefect one (Tahi)!

Add it your shopping list today!

Not your every day Pinot Noir!

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