New Zealand Wine Awards

As a Kiwi living in what could be described as a self-imposed foreign exile, it has been both a honour and a privilege to be asked to contribute to the judging team at New Zealand’s national wine show over the last 2 years. Exciting changes have been ushered in this year and with the amalgamation of the Air New Zealand Wine Awards and Bragato Wine Awards to create the New Zealand Wine of the Year Awards run by NZ Wine Growers.

The 2018 awards, under Chair Judges Warren Gibson of La Collina and Trinity Hill fame, delivered a very strong set of results with our great mates Dan and SK Dineen at Maude not only taking out the Champion Wine of show with their 2017 Pinot Noir but grabbing a bag of gold medals as well.

The result are a reflection of the strength of the NZ wine community and its worthwhile checking out the results if you are looking for some good buying tips over the summer.

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