Wine Philosophy

Wine is as much just a drink as winemaking is just a job. For me winemaking is more like an existence and you could therefore say wine is the fluid essential for that existence. I don’t know if you could then propose that wine is essential for life but it would be pretty terrible without it. Meals would be dull, debate would be too easily resolved and there would be little reason to travel, let alone method of getting to sleep whilst on a plane.

As the great French Gastronome Brillat-Savarin noted in his 1825 treatise The Physiology of Taste, “Thirst is the inner consciousness of the need to drink” and “Wine is the most delightful of drinks”. I can therefore only surmise that wine is the best cure for a thirst. Not just a physical thirst, but a mental one. Wine like no other liquid can carry and display the influence of climate, geology and human thought in one substance.

That is why I make wine, to try to understand the relationship between the land, the sky and us and what better way to do that than through the aromas and flavours in a wine glass. Big concepts, small pleasures and the search for truth. What does Central Otago taste like? In my minds eye I have an idea but every year the stars will align to give me a slightly different picture. It is going to be an exciting journey.